Interviewing Sally Brown- Land Developer & wife of UT Longhorns- Coach Mack Brown

NoMoneyNoCredit.netThis month I’m interviewing Sally Brown, wife University of Texas Austin- Longhorns Head Football Coach Mack Brown and veteran real estate investor for my Football Special! This interview is really special for me since I admire Sally not only as an investor but as a fellow Coach’s wife, mom, and woman in business. Her success in all aspects of her life including becoming a millionaire in her own right is something I am striving for. Below are a few of the questions and answers from the interview. I want to thank my good friend and real estate investor from Austin, TX- Andre Calixto for helping prepare for my newbie interview. His knowledge and expertise were invaluable! Enjoy the compact (15 min.) content-rich podcast!


Q. I understand you were a single mom at the time you build your land development and architecture business. As a fellow Coach’s wife myself, I sometimes have to operate as a single mom (especially during football season). How did you juggle your time between building a business and your family?

A. Let me tell you that sometimes not having a husband was a lot easier than having a husband as you might know. I didn’t have to worry about getting the meal on the table and all of his interests also. My boys were always a part of my business even as very young children. When they were babies, I would literally take them with me and put them on the front loader with whom ever was clearing the roads and they would just ride along. At school age they would go from school to my office and they would stay with me there until we went home for the night. In fact my youngest son is now in land development. Real estate development is in his blood. They were always a part of it.


Q. What markets did you focus on for development, and what was the process in determining the needs of these markets?

A. I really looked at where the good schools were when I decided what piece of land to buy. That was always the critical component. I focused on different markets from the Habitat market to the very high end market. But I would say I was 60% involved in the very high end market and did some of the other work as well. When trying to identify property, I always looked at the schools.

With great football, comes great schools, and with great schools comes great real estate! – Flower De Raadt


Q. Did becoming a land developer during the time you did change your life and help you achieve your goals?

A. It changed my life in the sense that it gave me a great feeling of accomplishment. I’m the kind of person that likes to see things finished. I like projects that I could start and visually see it afterwards like going back to a neighborhood and seeing little kids riding around in their tri-cycles in that community. It was fun to build those kind of neighborhoods because those neighborhoods were so important to families. I was also woman in a man’s business and that does give you a lot of confidence when you can pull that off.

Here’s to Education, Football, Wealth, and Freedom! – Flower De Raadt

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