Save Journey’s Home from Foreclosure

Recently through my pre-launch website for Sara’s Home, I received a request for help from the parents of Journey Blackmon, a 6 yr. old from Lancaster, SC. I spoke with Journey’s step dad- Kervin Crockett and he explained the situation. Journey was diagnosed with having a Wilm’s Tumor in her kidney in August 2008. She was treated with radiation, chemotherapy, and then surgery removing the cancer. On March 16, 2009, Journey was diagnosed with a second cancerous tumor that has appeared in her lower spine. She will need to go through the same treatments to remove this second tumor. Journey’s step dad, Kervin is a long distance truck driver and her mom, Jeany is a stay at home mom. Because of being in and out of the hospital due to being with Journey, Journey’s parents Kervin and Jeany Crockett have fallen behind on their mortgage payments and need $1737.07 to bring their mortgage payment up to date and avoid going into foreclosure.

We are in the process of setting up Sara’s Home as a 401(c)3 tax exempt organization and will be able to give tax exemption receipts for your donations very soon. In the meantime, we request that you give to Journey’s case and help her family not lose their home to foreclosure due to the heavy burdens of dealing with cancer. Journey is the first of hopefully hundreds of patients we will help during this already difficult time period.

Please donate now (Attn: Journey) and make a difference in a little girl’s life! Let’s raise the needed money by April 21st (her birthday) and give Journey an amazing BIRTHDAY GIFT!

Here’s to Education, Giving Back, Wealth, and Freedom! – Flower De Raadt

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